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RoadSmart app for iPhone and iPad

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Developer: The Application Store
Current version: 4.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 28 Feb 2012
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All traffic information on your iPhone! 24/7 Live monitoring. The application can be downloaded and used for free. Unlike many other traffic applications, this service is guaranteed thanks to the great community behind it.


- Completely new user interface
- In-app alerts
- Retrieving traffic information up to 250 km of your current location
- Fixed speed cameras + average speed checks
- The ability to disable ads
- The ability to post comments
- Drive mode
- Map view
- List view - by distance or reporting time
- Customizable push service
- Report new traffic information
- Radius - Determine what information is relevant to you
- Ipod - Listen to your music while using the app
- Map rotates in travel direction

RoadSmart! notifies you of any hazard on your route. This application is really easy to use and can be viewed in Mapview or ListView. The drive mode allows you to use the application safely at all times.
RoadSmart! has the most complete information about traffic hazards and is without doubt the number 1 application in its field.


From your current location, choose the radius to where you want to see the traffic info.
The range goes from 10km to 250km.
A team constantly processes all information coming from the government, media, public content, …
In addition, there is also the support of tens of thousands of enthusiastic users on the road. Therefore you will only find the most reliable information on RoadSmart!


A popup appears on the screen when approaching a hazard. You can then confirm whether the check is still present, notifying other drivers.

This popup, if enabled, will always appear when approaching a hazard.

RoadSmart! helps you spot most traffic hazards, but if there is information we haven’t reported, you can always help us and other drivers by reporting the hazards yourself using the application. This way you can make the application even better for yourself and all other users.

You can also get free push notifications whenever a new hazard is reported in your area. RoadSmart! is a must for those who regularly hit the road.


You will receive a push message of all hazards in your area.

Surroundings: Your current location is determined through satellite. You will only receive push messages from within the area you are currently located.

End Time: Select the push messages end time, this way you avoid receiving push messages that aren’t relevant to you.

RoadSmart! wants to draw attention to the large amount of traffic hazards and encourage the user to drive safe.

P.S. Dont forget to wear your seatbelt ;)